We have nearly 30 years of experience from physical security and critical infrastructure protection. Extensive experience from delivery and integration of advanced physical security solutions and development of access control and video management systems has given us a stable foundation for the role as consultants and advisors that have had for the last 15 years. Especially within larger, integrated security solutions, we would categorize ourselves as being on the very front edge.

As it is in the nature of our business that our customers prefer not to have details about their projects and installations shown in public we present here some brief information about a few anonymous reference projects. If you contact us for further discussion we will provide you with the reference details you would need.

2015-2017 International bank group

  • Pre-study new world wide platform for physical security
  • System design
  • PSIM solution
  • Integration interfaces
  • Integration interfaces, monitoring centers, IT infrastructure)
  • Monitoring centers
  • IT infrastructure
  • Sourcing
  • Tender documents
  • Evaluation
  • Negitiotions
  • Contract
  • Implementation
  • Project management
  • Integration
  • Configuration and operator training
  • Data setting (partly automated)
  • Operator training

2014 Oil & Gas site in Central Asia

  • Requirement and needs analysis
  • System design
  • Design of flooding and sand storm proof perimeter solution with very high requirements on HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation), detection performance and false and nuisance alarm resistance.

2013-2014 National Prison and Probabation Service

  • System design
  • Integration platform and command & control solution (PSIM)
  • Video surveillance
  • Intrusion and assault alarm
  • Access control
  • Intercom and telephony
  • Paging and PA
  • IT infrastructure for physical security
  • Development of tender documents
  • Project management

2006-2012 International Defence Group

  • Consultancy in physical security and critical infrastructure protection
  • System design
  • Project management
  • System development
  • Business development
  • Subject matter experts

2009-2010 Nuclear Plant

  • Analysis of procedures and physical security systems
  • Business modelling in Salamander MOOD according to MODAF
  • Requirement and gap analysis
  • Methodology development

2006-2007 Nuclear Plant

  • Requirment analysis
  • SSMFS 2008:12
  • System design
  • Integration platform and command & control (PSIM)
  • Video surveillance
  • Intrusion and perimeter detection
  • Access control
  • Entry and exit control (x-ray, metal and explosives detection